Choosing a wedding videographer

When I talk to couples who are choosing a wedding videographer, the one thing I hear repeatedly is that they're looking because they heard someone say they regretted not having a videographer for their wedding. Your special day will fly by faster than you can blink, but you'll get to look at and enjoy your wedding photos and video hundreds of times throughout your life!

As you're going through the process of researching wedding videographers here are a few tips for making sure you get the most out of your wedding film

 1. Hire by style

If you take a scroll through sites like TheKnot or even just do a Google search on wedding videographers, you will find a huge variety of styles and quality.  The biggest difference you'll find in videographers is the "Point-and-shoot" variety (typically under $1500) and the "Cinematic" videographers (ranging from $2000-5000).  Point and Shoot videographers should be considered if you're looking just for special moments to be captured such as ceremony and toasts. The cinematic variety approaches your wedding day with storytelling in mind and will spend anywhere from 30-40 hours on crafting your film into something awesome.

When choosing a wedding videographer, ask what style they shoot in. A good videographer should be able to articulate exactly what their style is and how that ties into the way they approach your wedding day. The main terms you'll hear is documentary, cinematic, and vintage and sometimes those styles can mix.  Documentary usually uses much more natural audio from moments throughout the day and follows a more linear style that mimics the flow of your day.  Cinematic style videos resemble more of a movie trailer and will incorporate highlight moments to tell a story.  Vintage films imitate the old super 8 look by either shooting with film or post-production effects.

Watch some of the wedding videos on their website and look for ones that gives you "all the feels". If you can connect with their films, just imagine how awesome it'll be watching your own wedding!

2. Check the reviews

As you're considering videographers make sure to check Google, TheKnot, Facebook, and Google for reviews.  You should look for vendors who are consistently getting 4-5 stars and read reviews.  Look for statements that address customer service, responsiveness, wedding day etiquette, and satisfaction with the final product.

3. Meet your videographer

Your videographer will be with you for the majority of your wedding day, so it's important to take the time to make sure they are a good fit for you. If geography or timing makes a meeting in person difficult, take the time to talk by phone or video chat.

4. Find out who will be filming your wedding

While talking with larger companies, consider that they may be booking several crews for your wedding date and may be in another state. Often the person booking your wedding film may not be the one who is actually filming with you on the day of the wedding. If that's the case, make sure you can schedule a meeting with the assigned videographer to ensure they work with the style you're wanting. Have this meeting early on to make sure they are hiring your videographer more than a few weeks before your wedding date.

5. Ask about packages

Most videographers offer packages that combine offerings and simplifies the booking process.  When looking for a videographer, your video budget should be similar to what you spent on your photographer as both require considerable amounts of time and equipment.  Make sure your package includes the proper amount of coverage for your needs, as well as the length of video that works best for you.

6. Ask about the music selection process

Music is an incredibly important as it can help set the tone for your wedding film.  Tell your videographer about the genres of music you like and some examples of your favorites songs. Also, make sure your videographer uses music that can be legally licensed, otherwise your film will likely be automatically removed for copyright infringement when you post it online.

7. Check on the delivery time

The final recommendation about choosing a wedding videographer is finding out what their delivery timeline is. Some videographers will deliver your video in as little as six weeks, while others could take up to a year. Crafting a wedding film is a lengthy process and takes much more time than photography would.  The editors typically go through hours of footage to find the best shots and then create the story of your wedding. After that, there's still color-correction, audio, and processing time to consider.  Just ask your videographer up-front about their delivery times and even consider adding a social media teaser video, which can be delivered as early as a week after your wedding!


Choosing a wedding videographer can be a tough decision, especially with the wide variety of styles and options available to you.  I hope these tips can help you as you search for your wedding videographer!  If you're ready to chat about our videography services, head on over to my contact page!

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