What's the difference between "Videography" and "Cinematography"?

While searching for someone to capture one of the most significant days of your life in a wedding film, you will see a wide variety of styles and levels of quality among vendors. You'll see terms like "videography" and "cinematography" thrown around and they may often sound like the same thing - but they are actually very different.


noun vid·e·og·ra·phy \ ˌvi-dē-ˈä-grə-fē \ :: the practice or art of recording images with a video camera.
Videography, simply put, is a linear capture of an event, without the need for an artistic approach.  It's existed for years, but now cameras are just getting smaller. A videographer will often shoot with limited camera equipment or just basic knowledge of their equipment. The edit will also be distinctly different, just playing out highlights of events without telling a good story.


noun  cin·e·ma·tog·ra·phy \si-nə-mə-ˈtä-grə-fē\ :: the art or science of motion-picture photography

Cinematography is an artform of creating a visual piece that is film quality.  At the heart of cinematography is the story - your unique story - which shapes the entire film. It's the blend of beautiful images, narrative storytelling, cinematic music, and a designed experience for the viewer. A cinematographer has mastered both the technical and creative aspects of filming. They envision your film before it's even shot, so that your wedding is beautifully captured and your story told. In a world where nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket, your wedding film should look like a movie - not something shot on a cell phone.

Here's what cinematography looks and sounds like:

Why J. Headrick Creative?

I specialize in high-quality cinematic wedding films and am a professional DP (Director of Photography) in both the wedding and commercial production industries.  My films don't just document moments, but are designed to capture the joy and emotion of one of the best days of your life! My team and I use ultra-high quality cameras with a variety of lenses, support tools, gimbal stabilizers, drones, professional audio, and lighting. The equipment we use are tools used in the commercial and film world (which I also work in), so you can be assured that we can capture your wedding well. Every shot is thought out from the framing to movement. If my films can make someone cry (the good kind of tears), I know I've done my job well.

I'm proud to have perfected the art of capturing weddings in a way that is consistent in quality, but also where every film is unique to the couple. We are always pushing the craft forward to provide you with an exceptional experience. In conclusion, videography simply captures footage of your day while cinematography actually tells your story in an emotional way. Your special day only happens once, so why not have it done cinematically?

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